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Counseling in Florida with Alissa Schneider, MA, LMHC

Alissa helps women & teens who are struggling with anxiety to have a more meaningful and balanced life.

Often times, this life is not easy. Women may face challenges such as difficulty balancing work or educational responsibilities, community involvement, and home life as a wife, daughter, or parent. Trying to excel at “all the things” can lead to tons of anxiety and worry. You might worry about your family, your work, your future. It can all just feel like too much sometimes. I see you, and I know that this life is not easy. It seems like the expectations of this world are never-ending and it’s hard to catch our breath. When feeling lost and exhausted, counseling can be really helpful and healing.

One of the biggest struggles that many women often face is that we are constantly trying to meet many expectations, and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Sometimes we strive to be “enough”… trying to gain a sense of worth and purpose. But I’m here to say that your worth doesn’t have to be based on these things, and you don’t have to continue your desperate attempts to be enough or to prove your worth. Alissa provides online Christian counseling for anxious women and teens because she wants to help women & teens to lead purpose-driven lives that fulfill God’s plans for them. YOU have a purpose and meaning. YOU have value. And counseling can help you to more fully live a life that you find meaningful and purposeful.

Alissa offers counseling from a Christian perspective. She believes that for those who choose to have their personal faith as a central aspect of counseling, that this can provide a great amount of support and healing. Sessions are adapted to your needs but may include: practicing relaxation skills, learning assertiveness skills or boundary-setting skills, brainstorming ways to achieve more balance in your life, exploring the importance of your faith or spirituality in your life, collaborative problem-solving, formulating a plan to achieve goals, and learning how to use your faith to think more positively.

Counseling may help you achieve:

  • More balance in your life

  • Emotional regulation 

  • Improved focus & motivation

  • Improved relationships & communication skills

  • Ability to be more “present” with the people you love

Reach out today at 561-449-2478.

Online therapy sessions for individuals across the state of Florida, including Orlando and the Orlando suburbs.

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