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Self-Esteem and Body Image Counseling

Many people struggle with poor self-image and low self-esteem, which is sometimes accompanied by disordered eating or exercise patterns. What they see in the mirror is a version of themselves that they don’t want to see. There are often loud inner voices that remind them of all the negative things about themselves, all of their flaws… whether they are true or not. It is so hard to live with that negative, critical voice constantly chirping away in your mind.

Alissa Schneider, MA, LMHC helps her clients to develop a more positive self-image and break the chains of disordered eating through using techniques like challenging negative thoughts about the body and helping clients better understand their core beliefs behind poor body image and low self-esteem. Alissa helps people to learn to be more forgiving and compassionate, which can greatly help with body image and self-esteem.

Counseling can help with building self esteem. It can help you to attain a more positive self-image and help you to quiet the negative voices about yourself in your mind. If you are a person who has faith in God, we can also use your faith as a tool in counseling and help you to apply your faith to improve your body image and self-esteem. We look forward to helping you with developing a more consistently positive self image.

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